Our innovative student marketing platform offers you a range of unique advantages. Run personalized and contextualized student marketing campaigns students and deliver exceptional experiences to earn their trust and build an emotional connect.

EDM is a unified student marketing platform that brings different communication channels in one place. This means you can do everything from managing and delivering campaigns to automating and measuring your success.

eMail Marketing

eMail is the single most important communication channel for any business today. Now easily design and send eMails and measure your campaign performance.

Create beautiful looking personalized eMails

Intuitively create eMails using our online eMail building technology.

Personalization to a new level

Automatically change content to adapt to the student’s stage in the life cycle and student’s demographics.

Don’t land in junk or spam eMail folder

EDM works with the leading eMail service providers to ensure that your eMails reach the student’s inbox.

Know what is working (and what is not)

With it’s inbuilt A/B testing, you can easily see what is working and what needs tweaking.

Single platform for the entire team

Give access to your teams or selected team members and you are ready to go.

Measure campaign performance

Easily track metrics like opens, clicks, deliveries and more.

Scheduled sending

EDM makes it easy for you to schedule sending on a particular date and time.

eMail Marketing

83% of global consumers say they prefer email when receiving communications from businesses.

Mobile Marketing

Now deliver highly personalized and contextualized messages to the students when you want and however often you want on their mobile with EDM. Whether it is sending updates, helping students track their application status, even sending event reminders or run surveys or do all this at a click of a button using EDM. Choose the channels you want to use and let our platform take care of the rest.

Facebook Messenger
We Chat

Our data insights help you track how many students are tapping or opening your messages. You can find how students with varied geographical locations and needs are responding to your campaign and take corrective actions where required.

SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other Mobile Marketing Channels

Texts are more than twice as popular when receiving urgent communications from businesses.

Print Marketing

Improve your campaign performance by adding print media into your marketing campaign. EDM helps you reduce printing costs by cleverly identifying the target audience who should be sent the printed copies. No more generic print. Just personalized and contextualized print to better engage with the student.

Every peice of print can be personalized for each individual student by combining student’s data and your communication strategy.


Send brochures that are personalized to each student.


Contextualised content, imagery and testimonials to build an instant connection with the student.


Include multilingual pages based on the student’s profile.

Reduce Environmental Impact

No paper, no ink, no packing, no fuel consumption on distribution of material.

Print on Demand

Now print personalized brochures on demand.

Quickly Change Content

Need to change brochure contents or update your digital assets. You got it.

Print Marketing

Web Marketing

EDM helps deliver personalized websites on the fly for every student. Personalized URLs (PURLS) are an amazing way to engage. It is like having a talking website with information built around the individual student.

Now automatically showcase course videos to suit what an individual student aspires to study or help them download a personalized brochure that tells students how you can help them achieve their aspirations and goals. Not only this, you can collect the responses from the students or carry personalized surveys. All this is possible with EDM.

PURL Marketing