Personalized Brochures (PB) is an innovative, online brochure building technology that helps you engage with the students like never before.

It enables you to talk one-to-one with students by communicating only the relevant information to address their individual needs.

With PB, you can conveniently and automatically personalize brochures to address students’ individual needs, their preferences and aspirations – all through data you capture from future students.

It is the point of difference that will create an unparalleled, differentiated proposition that improves the student experience.


Send brochures that are personalized to each student.


Contextualised contents, testimonials and imagery to build an instant connection with the student.

Choice of Communication

SMS, Print, email, PURL, Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp.


Include multilingual pages based on the student’s profile.

Capture lead data

Capture student’s profile to know their aspirations and needs.

No Capital Expenditure

No Capex. Just pay licensing costs.

Variable Costs

No printing in bulk. Pay for usage only.

Data Security and Privacy

You own your data. Complies with privacy laws.

Improve your ROI

No reprints due to sudden content change, no print costs, no warehousing costs, no despatch costs.

Reduce Environmental Impact

No paper, no ink, no packing, no fuel consumption on distribution of material.

Print on Demand

Now print personalized brochures on demand.

Quickly Change Content

Need to change brochure contents or update your digital assets. You got it.

Convenience of Embedded Links

Include links to course or other page in brochure and offer convenient navigation.

Brand Compliant

Customized to align with your brand guidelines.

Accurately Predict Trends

Get an in-depth analysis of the market behaviour and changing market trends.