Students looking at a brochure.

Students want information customised to their needs. That’s exactly what our proprietary online brochure builder software does. It gives students an opportunity to dynamically customise brochures based on their interest areas. There’s no information overload.

You can offer digital brochures, printed brochures or both. You’ll create more engaging brochures while cutting your printing costs and environmental impact. What’s more, you can collect data and leads for future BPO 360 cross‑media marketing campaigns.

What are the benefits of a customised brochure?

Education Institutions Students
Personalised and customised
  • Increased engagement with prospective, current and past students
  • Better customer experience for students
  • Content, including text, images, and more, can be customised for each individual student
  • Includes only relevant information, avoiding information overload
  • Compact brochure that contains all areas of interest
  • Tailored specifically for them
Multilingual options
  • Increased likelihood of converting prospective international students
  • Better engagement with content in their preferred language
Print available on demand
  • Save on printing, warehousing and distribution costs
  • Reduce waste and your environmental impact
  • Can be easily passed on to parents and guardians to help make a decision
Digital (PDF)
  • Save on printing, warehousing and distribution costs
  • Easily customisable
  • Receive brochure immediately
  • Accessible on multiple devices
Online interface
  • Generate and track leads
  • Greater reach and exposure
  • Convenient and easy to use
Brochure builder interface
BPO delivered a cost effective lead generation campaign that delivered results beyond our expectations.
Mark Buttigieg
Digital Campaign Coordinator, RMIT International

How do students build a brochure?


Students visit your EBB landing page via your unique URL


Students select relevant content

Content that interests them is selected and a simple contact details form is completed with minimal information required such as their name and email, and possibly their mobile number and postal address.


EBB compiles brochure and sends an email to the student

Upon submitting the contact details form, EBB automatically compiles a PDF and simultaneously sends an email with a download link to the email provided.

You have the option to send a confirmation SMS and a printed copy of the customised brochure (additional charges may apply).


Student downloads their customised brochure

The student downloads their brochure and their selections and contact details are captured, ready to be fed back into your database for future marketing campaigns.

How do you create a customised brochure?


Configure your brochure file

Using a supplied Adobe InDesign file (packaged with all links and fonts), our team configure it to work with our Easy Brochure Builder (EBB) software. Variable data fields are added throughout to allow for personalisation, and content is mapped for customisation.

Based on information in your database, EBB dynamically inserts personal information about the student in each variable data field. Variable data can include:

  • first name
  • last name
  • address
  • email address
  • phone number
  • course details
  • pricing
  • dates
  • images
  • and more.

EBB can dynamically add or remove any content you have made customisable. For example, in a course guide you can allow students to add or remove sections such as:

  • campus locations
  • support services
  • entry requirements
  • faculties
  • courses
  • study levels
  • pathways
  • fees
  • scholarships
  • scholarships
  • and more.

Design and develop an EBB landing page

A unique landing page is then designed and developed, which will be hosted by us. This is the interface your students (or staff, faculty and agents) will use to interact with EBB to build their customised brochure.


Promote your EBB landing page

A unique URL is created which can be promoted on your website, or any other print or digital marketing channel. The URL will appear like: www.InstitutionName.


Collect data

The invaluable information captured during interaction with EBB can then be fed back into your database, forming the basis for future BPO 360 cross-media marketing campaigns.

RMIT customised brochure

RMIT customised brochure


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