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Email is one of the most powerful ways to reach your customers, and the best part is it’s trackable. BPO 360 has inbuilt analytics to view your open, bounce and click rates.

Take your campaign to the next level with cleverly designed emails that direct students to their own personalised landing page with their own personalised URL (PURL). We work with you to design the best strategy to meet your campaign goals.

Use email for personalised:

  • confirmation and reminder emails
  • email invitations
  • student surveys
  • newsletters
  • and more.


Using SMS as part of your cross-media campaign can significantly boost results. It could be as simple as having a reminder on the day of a consultation, or confirming a request has been received. It is quick, easy to execute, and boosts engagement at a low cost.

The key to good SMS marketing is timing and relevance. We weave it into your campaign so the messages go out automatically, triggered by either the actions of your target audience or based on the campaign timeline.

Use SMS for personalised:

  • appointment or event reminders
  • activation programs
  • confirmation messages
  • promote upcoming events
  • student surveys
  • and more.

Personalised URL (PURL)*

Instead of directing students to a generic landing page with a generic URL, direct them to their own personalised landing page with a personalised URL (PURL).

A PURL can help to improve the effectiveness of a campaign by increasing click-through rates (CTR), and also give you the ability to better track responses.

Engage on a deeper level by dynamically displaying only relevant content from your existing database, while also gaining greater insights to make subsequent retargeting campaigns even more effective.

*PURLs, and the associated landing page, are hosted and managed by us. The URL format is, but URL shortening techniques can be used to make it shorter for marketing purposes.

Use personalised URLs for:

  • increasing click-through rates (CTR)
  • tracking responses
  • engaging students on a deeper level
  • collecting data to add to your database
  • personalising digital and printed marketing
  • and more.

Printed collateral

Integrating personalised, printed collateral as part of your cross-media campaign can increase engagement exponentially.

Taking data from your existing database — combined with digitally-printed variable data processes — printed collateral can be personalised for each individual student. Personalisation can include their name, interests, background, language preferences, and any other information you have gathered about them.

Producing relevant content on demand saves printing costs, reduces your environmental impact, and can increase your return on investment (ROI).

Use printed collateral for personalised:

  • brochures
  • course guides
  • direct mail
  • event invitations
  • open day kits
  • offer letter packs
  • postcards
  • welcome packs
  • alumni magazines
  • and more.
We worked with BPO on an integrated marketing campaign to convert a specific group of students who had offers to study at Swinburne. We increased our conversion rate to about 50% and are now running the campaign across even more international markets.
Eliza Russell
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Swinburne International
Swinburne University of Technology

How do BPO 360 cross-media campaigns work?


Consult and target

After consulting with you to determine the goals and parameters of your campaign, information is extracted from your database to target the students you would like to engage with.


Create and run campaign

An automated campaign is created and sent to target students using a mix of print and digital channels including email, SMS, personalised URLs (PURLs) and printed collateral.


Track and monitor

Each target student’s interaction is tracked and monitored during the course of the campaign. The data captured can then be added to your database, allowing for even greater personalisation and more fine-tuned targeting for your next campaign.


Swinburne cross-media campaign landing page


Customised brochures