Campaign overview


Australian National University

Campaign type


Campaign components

Email, SMS, PURL


ANU concluded that if they were to effectively reach students in a meaningful way, they needed to think outside the box and communicate with them one-to-one. BPO helped ANU understand how they could use their existing data to run an effective personalised and contextualised campaign.


BPO devised a campaign that spoke directly to individual students, their interests, and study area. The communication was unique to each student and utilised SMS and email communication.


After only a few hours of the campaign launching, the registration numbers increased from 10 to 43 students, and peaked at 100 by the time the information session started.

Campaign components

How it worked

Step 1

Students were sent 1 of 8 personalised email templates that had specific content important to their study areas, advising them of the information session to be held.

Step 2

A PURL link was sent in these emails directing them to a landing page generating dynamic content based on their study area.

Step 3

An SMS reminder was sent to students.

BPO 360 proved to be a godsend, helping to increase our registration numbers by 1000 percent. It was well worth the money spent.
Julie Murdoch
Marketing Manager, Australian National University


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