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Run automated, data-driven, cross-media campaigns using a mix of print and digital channels. Combined with customised brochures, you have a compelling way to speak directly to the needs of prospective, current and past students.

The result is meaningful, personalised and contextualised communication that improves engagement and conversion rates across every stage of the student lifecycle.

Why use BPO 360?

Increase student engagement

Customise your campaigns with only relevant information, presenting the right people with the right message at the right time.

Boost student enrolments

Significantly increase the likelihood of converting prospective students into enrolments with personalised acquisition campaigns, allowing you to engage each student on a deeper level.

Improve student retention

Pro-actively run personalised campaigns to gauge your students’ mindset, pinpointing potential areas of concern that can be acted upon.

Gain better student insights

Understand your students better to build a successful marketing strategy. Gaining actionable insights enables you to develop increasingly targeted campaigns that have a more strategic impact.

Save through automation

Save both time and resources by automating your entire cross-media marketing campaign, freeing you to focus on core aspects of your business.

Integrate print and digital channels

Our state-of-the-art printing and technological infrastructure allows you to integrate the proven effectiveness of printed collateral with the flexibility of digital channels.

Track campaign performance

Track and measure your campaign performance with our online reporting and analytics tools. You can track open, click and bounce rates, as well as unsubscribers and top countries with Google Maps integration.

Grow your database

Learn from your previous campaigns by using already collected data and feed it back into your database for analysis and further action. Every campaign should drive the next campaign for even greater results.


BPO 360 throughout the student lifecycle

Engage students, one-to-one, throughout their relationship with you, from the first point of contact, to enrolment and graduation, alumni management, postgraduate learning and beyond.

We know how important it is to establish a personal relationship with students from the very start.

BPO 360 can help you run custom acquisition campaigns that begin the moment a potential student attends your open day or makes an online enquiry.

Using any details you’ve gathered, you can tailor a campaign to their individual interests.

It’s all about engaging each student on a deeper level, which will ultimately lead to converting your prospective students into confirmed enrolments.

BPO 360 can help with:

  • offer letter packs
  • welcome packs
  • education fairs
  • open days
  • agent familiarisation trips
  • and more.

Every time a student drops out, an institution loses on average about $30,000. By spending a fraction of this cost on a comprehensive retention strategy, you could save substantial lost revenue.

Most students drop out within the first year of study for any number of reasons. Prior knowledge of your students’ concerns allows you to tackle these issues before it’s too late. This is all part of BPO 360 — engaging students with the right information at the right time.

Run a personalised campaign to gauge the students’ mindset, and pinpoint their areas of concern. From these responses you can identify problem areas and act!

BPO 360 can help with:

  • orientation management
  • newsletters
  • student feedback
  • and more.

Graduation marks the end of a student’s undergraduate life, but it’s also the beginning of your relationship with them as professionals. For many students, the graduation ceremony is the milestone event to be shared with family and friends.

Use your existing student data to make the event extra special with customised invitations, graduation packs and even personalised itineraries.

Guest management is a large part of building an ongoing relationship with graduates. We take into account the entire guest experience when putting together a personalised graduate’s campaign.

By having the right information we can make sure your guests receive personal treatment and enjoy an experience they’ll never forget.

BPO 360 can help with:

  • graduation ceremonies
  • guest management
  • and more.

With the backing of strong alumni, you can access a wealth of resources for fundraising, internships and testimonials. You can also find opportunities to promote postgraduate courses.

The challenge, however, is reconnecting. How do you locate and re-establish contact with them?

Starting with your graduate information, use BPO 360 to run a data-collection campaign to find where they work, their position, and even their latest projects.

You can then send personalised newsletters, updates on current faculty news and events they may be interested in. It’s all about building relationships and encouraging alumni to reconnect.

BPO 360 can help with:

  • fundraising
  • alumni magazines
  • alumni newsletters
  • and more.
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